Im so sorry..


You may not remebe rme but I’m PS (Poptropica Star) I stopped playing Poptropcia AGES ago but to everyone im really sorry for leaving,especially LP.

But I found a really cool new game called ChitChatCity. I’m called .Annabel. on it and I have my own store where you can sell and create avatars 😀

Hi! :D


Where did everyone go?

Hopefully this blog will get active again like last year. 😀

By Emma AKA Fierce Star

LPB’s First Poptropica Fashion Show!


Since A LOT of us loves Poptropica Fashion, I’ve decided to make a FASHION SHOW! There would be a fashion show EACH year.

I’ve decided this is a perfect time to start the LPB Fashion Show because it’s OCTOBER! The month of SPOOKS, FUN, and CREEPTASTIC COSTUMES!


Start making your outfit! Spooky or not! Just GO, GO, GO! Get your FASHION SPIRITS UP!

You can give us the link of your costumes on the comments.

Please! If you put a link on the comments that directly goes to the avatar studio, make sure you don’t change your costumes just yet! Only until I say so. You can give me many costumes! JUST AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!

All costumes are due October 26!

Then probably in the weekends (if i have time!), I’d  make a video 😀

So I’m really superly hoping to receive more than 20 outfits :D!

Thank you so much(:


There’s probably gon’ be prizes for the TOP 3 BEST OUTFITS 😀