Waffles ? ?

I know this is late , but that’s the latest post from the Poptropica Creators so here it is :

Waffles, tasty waffles!

Did you know that today is International Waffle Day? Did you further know that there’s a new costume in the store which celebrates it? You do now!

Boys can pick up the square waffle costume, while girls can get the stylish round waffle costume. Both look tasty to me, but it appears that the house pets of Poptropica disapprove.

Head to Poptropica and visit the Poptropica Store to get your waffle costume!

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Umm . . what’s with the food costumes these days in Poptropica ? ! HAHA ! Well thanks for making me hungry .



*sticky post*

Oh is it time ! YES ! It is ! Okay . . I guess it’s time for me to look for authors .

Here are the steps :

1. Comment in this post about what I’m going to tell you to do .

2. You have to know about POPTROPICA .

3. You have to say why do you want to be an author in this blog .

4. You have to have a wordpress blog .

5. Include your blog’s URL and the other blogs’ URLs that you work on .

6. Include your email .

7. Tell something about your Poptropican (like if your’e a member or not)

That’s it . You can comment in this post or comment in the Become An Author page . 😀

Are You Kidding Me ? !

Seriously Poptropica Creators! I know what a newspaper is! ! Check out what they said:


Sit-down Comics

Believe it or not, there was a time when the daily newspaper had pages and pages devoted to comic strips. I know what you’re thinking: “What’s a daily newspaper?”

Used to be that somebody brought a stack of folded papers to your house every day early in the morning, which had all this information about news and sports and things that had already happened, and to read it you had to turn the pages instead of swiping a screen, and — well, it’s not important.

Anyway, we at Poptropica still think that the funny pages are worth your time and attention. That’s why, for some time now, we’ve been publishing some of the very best comic strips in the Daily Pop.

All the best strips are here: Peanuts, Big Nate, Over the Hedge, and many more. They’re updated every day!

If you haven’t checked out the comics on Poptropica lately, head on over to the Daily Pop for a good chuckle. You won’t even get ink stains on your fingers.
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ARE YOU KIDDING ME ? ! Everyone knows what a newspaper is ! Well except young kids who didn’t learn it yet .

Cruel and Bad Neighbors

If you think your neighbors are bad check this out:

Bad Neighbors

The perils of living near a vampire’s castle!

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If you don’t know what it says, it says this: “Look at that! Someone shot a cannonball right through my roof!” Seriously Poptropica Creators, you gotta work this pictures. It’s too blurry. Anyways sorry if I’m only posting now.

hey girls

so listen um. i am being ignored on xat.com/itsapoptropicasodapopshop and i dont know why though! Im posting cause i am trying to calm myself down. i am listening to britney spears now. 😦 next, i am gonna listen to rihanna and katy perry. 😦

UPDATE: I am feeling better now. 

By Emma AKA Fierce Star

Congratulations to the first 10 Poptropicans who finished Vampire’s Curse Island !

Congrats Poptropicans! Here’s what the Poptropica Creators said:

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Vampire’s Curse Island!

 For many Poptropica Members, the curse of the vampire has already been lifted. These 10 players did it just a little faster than everyone else.

1. Silver Seal
2. Shiny Star
3. Bony Skull
4. Moody Coyote
5. Incredible Peanut
6. Hyper Flame
7. Crazy Coyote
8. Magic Panda
9. Bashful Fish
10. Tall Flame

Congratulations to everyone who has earned the Vampire’s Curse medallion so far! We can’t wait to see lots of more of you face off against Count Bram.




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