Become An Author !

Here’s a page where you can become an author . Just comment in this page if you’d like to be an author .

Here are the steps :

1. Comment in this post about what I’m going to tell you to do .

2. You have to know about POPTROPICA .

3. You have to say why do you want to be an author in this blog .

4. You have to have a wordpress blog .

5. Include your blog’s URL and the other blogs’ URLs that you work on .

6. Include your email .

7. Tell something about your Poptropican (like if your’e a member or not)

Okay . That’s it . 😀

Update : I’m not looking for any authors right now . But if you want to be an author here , there will be an author waiting list 😀


23 comments on “Become An Author !

  1. I know about Poptropica (Hopefully you know xD).. I want to be a author ’cause I ❤ Poptropica and Blogging. I don't have my OWN WordPress blog. I use to, but I still have , and !! My email is 😛 and my poptropica name is Bronze Starfish also, I am a member (i payed for it 😀 )

  2. Hi LP! I would LOVE to be an author here 😀 I know about (and love) Poptropica (obviously xD), I want to be an author because this seems like a really cool blog and I would love to be on it 😉 And I love blogging 😀
    These are the blogs I own:
    These are the blogs I work on:
    (I hope I can add to this list 😉
    My wordpress username is goldenfire1 (which works like my email if you want to add me to this blog. I’d rather not give away my email)
    I am a member on Poptropica, and my Poptropican is usually never seen without her black (or occasionaly white) jacket.

    • thanks for letting me know that you want to be in my blog, i would love to make you be in my blog!! Yes, im looking for 2 editors but you can be part IF you promise to be posting often . . . . And if you’re an editor, you can also join Fashion Wars!! It’s a contest in this blog 😀

  3. can i join your blog 🙂 i own a very popular maybe not that popular youtube account called and has lots of videos
    i own 4 websites called and and if you want you can join my blog club tutorial 🙂 but poptropicaarea52’s admin wont let me invite any more people.. i love Poptropica and i have some hacked dummies alfiebro to alfiebro1 to alfiebro11 and own alfie_fong thnx. I love your blog 🙂

  4. i know about poptropica (you know) I want to become author because I like Poptropica and the blog is so cool 🙂 I had a blog but i quit it I work on and My Email is and My Poptropican Member has 55 members and she is not a member

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