Young Fang’s Stories

The Thief   Part One
It was a winter day. I had been siting with a few of my friends in the courtyard. It had been windy so my tie did not stay in its place and kept flying around the place. That was the least of my worries though. Exams were coming up so I had been getting nervous. The anxiety had been killing me ever since. Again I knew it wasn’t really something to be worried about because I was one of the top students. That day after classes I had been walking my usual route back home. Then I remembered my mother had wanted me to pick up some medicine for Thomas my sick kitten. God the things I do for him yet he still mauls my hands and arms. Good thing its been rather cold recently so I could use my coat to cover them up. I would expect weird stares and questions of “Oh my! How did you ever get those scratches?” As I was walking along in town I looked for a medic that had some knowledge with animal sicknesses. Which was quite rare in my little town. None of the shops seemed to be medicine related. Then I had seen an alleyway that led to another part of the plaza. With my knowledge of what would happen if you were alone in an alleyway, I had made sure that my dagger had still been with me in the little inside pocket of my coat. So then I nonchalantly walked down, in my head thinking of various outcomes of someone was looking to get a murder in. I had successfully gotten through without further pause. Though I had noticed a stone that had seemed loose in the wall. Out of curiosity, I pulled in out to see a little pouch with an amulet in it. The craftmanship on it was remarkable. The various placement of amethyst to make a shape of what looked of a fox. Thinking that it might of not been that special, I had pocketed the amulet. After an awful lot of walking along I had found a little medicine shop. As I walked in I saw two men fighting. One of must have been the shopkeeper, and what looked like his assistant. The shop keeper had noticed me in and had sent his assistant to the back room. I had asked if he had specialized in the medical treatment of animals he had, to my surprise, said yes. I had described his symptoms of vomiting and tiredness and he knew exactly what Thomas had needed. I payed for the medicine and thanked the man. Right then his assistant came out. Right when I saw his face I knew who he was, Nicholas. Rather talented a smart he was also known for his charisma and way with ladies. He had also noticed me by saying, “Oh, hello there Victoria. Nice to see you.” I had replied with “Nice to see you too Nicholas.” Then once out of public, I had started skipping back to my home. My mother had taken the medicine from me and given it to Thomas. He had rest his head down to sleep. I gently stroked his fur and then he had started purring. It was good to see that he was healing once more.
-To Be Continued

Part Two

As soon as I thought that my cat had just wanted to sleep I walked off and went to my studies. My mother had been tending to her job of working as a trader. She had gone off many times and the trips would take so long that she normally would not take me. She had known that I needed to become a bright individual so i can become something that I can get a good life out of. Something like a medic. Once I was done my mother had let me go around town for a bit. With her knowledge of me carrying around a dagger worried her, but also made her a bit less worrisome. It was a gift for my older brother, from my uncle, but sadly my brother passed away from a sickness that had plagued him for nearly two months. I miss him oh so much. My mother would make my brother go outside with me. It let her know that at least I had some kind of supervision when out and about. Though I was still told what to do and what not to do without her. I’ve heard it so many times I’ve been able to recite it along with my mother when she would say it. I did know that she loved my more than anyone else could. After all I was now her only daughter. Her brother, my uncle, would sometimes drop by. It was nice when he visited, I felt a little bit happier than usual when I had him and my mother there with me. My uncle had gotten a quite important job. He had worked for the queens guard, but he was only a measly part of it. Although, it blew my mind that I had someone who I knew closely being upon royalty. The closest I could get to “royalty” would be Margret Williams. She had been practically the richest one of all of the class. To her friends she was a giggly little girl. The middle class she completely ignored. If not she had pushed some around. It was rare to see much of that though. I naturally didn’t hate anyone in my classes. I either was fine with their company, or if it was someone who was quite a bit of a nuisance I did what I do best. That is be silent and tend to your work. I do believe that my other peers enjoy my company due to the fact of how I knew how to entertain them when we weren’t to be doing anything special. Either if it was to be drawing silly pictures or making witty commentary of something that had happened, I almost always had known what to do to make good use of the time. I would normally know when to do such antics and when not to do them. Walking in town I had went down to the schools court-yard which looked to be full of children. Thinking to myself that I couldn’t get myself into trouble this way, I went over to a spot where I recognized some of my friends. They had been talking about exams and such. Once again I get a little lost in my head thinking up scenarios, each time a different pathway to the outcome. Right then Margret had come up to our little group of four.

– To Be Continued

Part 3

Margret and her friend, Nichole, had come up to our group. She had notified her presence by clearing her throat. Trying to make the best of the situation I greeted the two with a friendly “Hello.”  While Margret replied with “Oh hello there, peasants.” She smirked at the annoyed faces of Macy and Grace. I kept my cool and slighty pushed my glasses up. “Well I do not know who you were speaking to. I do not see any peasants here.” I replied calmly. Her simpleton companion had then said, “Margret had been talking to you people.” “Oh no, really?”, I then said sarcastically. Then Margret had looked offended while Nichole tried to do the same. “You will regret saying that Victoria, you little piece of scum.” Margret then taunted towards me. “I’m so scared, hold me please Grace!” I had then replied while making it look like I was about to faint. Margret and Nichole then walked away. Grace, Macy, and Ruby then started to somewhat laugh. I just sat there and smiled. I had then told my friends about the amulet I had gotten. I had lied and said that it was a gift from my mother. Ruby had been in awe of the gemstones in the piece. Then a familiar voice started to speak.”That looks a lot like the princesses amulet.” I turned to see it was Nicholas. Grace then said, “How do you know what the princesses amulet looks like?” “Oh it just spreads around town from person to person.” Macy had answered for Nicholas. He had nodded his head in agreement. then Macy went off to another person while Grace and Ruby went inside. Just Nicholas and I were the two left from our group. He tried to maintain small talk by asking if Thomas had gotten better. I had said yes while I looked down at the amulet. The he politely asked if he could see it. Knowing that he was a kind person I handed it over to him. I then went off staring into his grey eyes that were examining the amulet. “Wow, this is a pretty accurate replica.”, Nicholas had said.”almost the real thing.” I had just replied with a “Wow, is it?” I looked down at my watch noticing I spent about 20 minutes there. Getting tired I said good-bye to Nicholas and headed home with my amulet in the pocket right next to my dagger. I then day dreamed of what if that was the princesses amulet and I had stolen it. I guess I would know by seeing posters of it lined around town. I got home and greeted my mother. She welcomed me home with dinner. After that I went to bed, my mind racing my millions of thoughts.

-To Be Continued


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