Hi! :D


Where did everyone go?

Hopefully this blog will get active again like last year. 😀

By Emma AKA Fierce Star

White Pop Star Outfit!

One of my best outfits from a long time ago.

Heres the picture:


and heres how to get it:

1. get the white skirt with blue leggings from pop star

2. get the shirt, microphone, and earrings from pop star

3. get the hair from gamer girl

4. find someone with a white newsboy cap

5. go to reality tv and copy bucky lucas’ jacket

6. go to www.dinkypage.com/poptravelad and go to the monster high ad. then copy the white belt thats from one of the outfits.

7. get the sparkly pink lips from fairy queen.

There ya go!

By Emma AKA Fierce Star

new outfit: pink princess with guitar

ah. my first outfit on here. this outfit is so easy to get.



Heres the picture:

And here are the directions:
1. get the hair from the black girl on cryptids island.
2. get the blush bang from prom queen.
3. get the pink dress from prom queen.
4. go to www.dinkypage.com/poptravelad and go to the lemonade mouth ad. then copy the bangs off of stella 😛
5. get the light pinky pink lips from fairy queen 😛
6. last but not least, get the pink guitar from rock star 2.
my outfit is not as best but i did try. 😀 more outfits coming soon 😛
By Emma AKA Fierce Star


sorry for not posting alot. i have been posting alot on other blogs. I am so so so sorry for not posting here. I found out that LP was gonna kick people who havent posted alot off the blog. im one of those peoples!!! dont worry, i’ll start posting again! 😥

By Emma AKA Fierce Star

Twisted Thicket Island is out for non-members


Twisted Thicket Island is out for non-members so if you are a non-member, you can play it.


I am working on the island on my character Blue Crown. I’ll let ya know when i complete it.

By Emma AKA Fierce Star

hey girls

so listen um. i am being ignored on xat.com/itsapoptropicasodapopshop and i dont know why though! Im posting cause i am trying to calm myself down. i am listening to britney spears now. 😦 next, i am gonna listen to rihanna and katy perry. 😦

UPDATE: I am feeling better now. 

By Emma AKA Fierce Star