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Do You Think We should Keep Going?

So I was wandering, I’m not sure if I want to keep my blog going. So it’s your choice. Do you think my blog should keep going? Just comment in this post if my blog should keep going.


New Things On Poptropica

Here are new things in the Poptropica Store for members.

“New In the Poptropica Store”

Vampire’s Curse Island is coming soon, and the fun has already started for Poptropica Members! The Vampire’s Curse Island gear pack is available now in the Poptropica Store!

Pick up the stink-tacular Garlic Breath power, chew on a stick of Vampire Bat Gum, or dress up as the most stylish Vampire Count or Countess around.

Picking up your Member gear pack is easy: just visit Poptropica and click on the green coin icon to access the Store. The items are right there.

If you’re not a Member, find out how to get Membership. And fangs for playing!


Also have you guys checked the Poptropica homepage and the map?


Click "More Islands" to see more islands

More Oxygen Underwater


This post is only for members.

“Poptropica Tips and Tricks: More oxygen on S.O.S Island”


Thanks to a few new features on Poptropica, it turns out that you can play S.O.S. Island in a whole new way, if you just follow a couple of easy steps.

First, play through the bonus quest. When you do, you’ll get a deep-sea diving suit that lets you stay underwater for much longer than usual. Next, restart the Island while you’re still wearing the diving suit.

Now, when you start playing the primary quest again, you’ll have way more oxygen, and can spend more time exploring the depths! You can even play a little ditty on the piano, as in the picture above.

There’s always more to explore on Poptropica, so get out there and dive deep!

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3 Latest Posts From The Poptropica Creators’ Blog

So sorry that I didn’t post this posts up. So here it is.

Get Your Vampire’s Curse Info Here!

If you’ve been thirsting for more news about the next Poptropica Island, then you’re in luck. The Vampire’s Curse Island info page is up and running. Get the first details about the Island’s story, some of the character’s you’ll meet, and some bonuses for Members.
As always, we’ll have more news about Vampire’s Curse Island right here as it becomes available. Stay tuned!

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Who Is Cactus Von Garlic?

And why does he have that metal band around his neck?

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Poptropica In Focus

We’re always working on new features for Poptropica. Here’s a sneak peek at one new project we’ve got going on.

What could it be? We’ll have more details for you — oh, let’s call it soonish.

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Adventures of Blue Ice Episode 3: Time Tangled Nightmare

EPISODE 3: Time Tangled Nightmare

Date Made: 3/28/12

LP: Hey, poptropicans!

Audience #1: What took you so long to write another episode?

LP: I’m super busy .

Audience #1: Then why can’t you change your busy schedule?

LP: Alright. Do you want to see the episode or you’re just gonna keep asking me questions and stuffs?!

Audience #1: Sorry. I just miss the episodes.

LP: OKAY! Sorry. This thing is just making me stress. Now let’s watch the episode.

(Bridgett jumps down from her blimp and runs home)

Bridgett: HEY MOM!

Bridgett’s Mom: Hey Bridgett, how was school?

Bridgett: Mom I’m not 7 anymore. You don’t need to keep asking me that.

Bridgett’s Mom: Oh alright. Anyways there was a mail for you. From Time Tangled in the Future.

Bridgett: *grabs the mail* I wonder who would send me a mail from the future?

Bridgett’s Mom: Read it and maybe an adventure might come.

(Bridgett goes to her room and read the letter)

Dear young Bridgett,

           Visit me in the future. I need your help. Come alone.

-The Old Bridgett

Bridgett: *to herself* I wonder why older me wants me to come alone?

Next Day…

Bridgett: MOM! DAD! I’m gonna go to the Future. I’ll be here maybe at night.

Bridgett’s Dad: Just don’t come home before 8.

Bridgett: Awww COME ON! Please take the curfew away!

Bridgett’s Dad: Alright. As long as your safe.

(Bridgett jumps to her blimp and flies to Time Tangled Island)

(Bridgett goes inside Pendulum’s Lab)


Random Lady: Are you looking for Professor Pendulum?

Bridgett: Yes.

Random Lady: He’s not here. He’s on a vacation. Me and my other partner are taking care of his lab while he’s away.

Bridgett: Okay. Is it okay for me to visit the future?

Random Lady: Sure. Follow me.

(Bridgett follows the lady)

Random Lady: Here you go just step inside.

(Bridgett steps inside the future machine)

(In the future)

Bridgett: *to herself* It’s been a long time since I went here.

(Bridgett goes to her sky home)

Bridgett: *shouting* OLD BRIDGETT!

(Bridgett goes all the way to the left)

?: Bridgett. I’ve been expecting you.

Bridgett: Who are you?!

(The lights went off)

Bridgett: *shouts* WHERE ARE YOU?!

(The lights came back on)

(Bridgett sees this girl)

The girl's hair looks like LP (but that is not LP)

Bridgett: Who are you ? ! What do you want ?

Girl : I don’t need anything . I just need some answers and you older won’t give me those answers !

Bridgett : SHE’S OLD ! She doesn’t remember much about my life . So leave her alone !

Girl : As you wish , but I’m not leaving you alone .

Bridgett : WHO ARE YOU ? !

Girl : The time will come when you’ll find out . *Disappears*

(Bridgett sees older Bridgett in the couch)

Bridgett : Older B ! Are you okay ? !

Older Bridgett : I’m fine . She was asking me about you or me when you are in your age . She was asking me where will you or I will go next . Like which island you’ll go to and stuffs . She sounded like she’s going to like . .

Bridgett : Like what ?

Older Bridgett : Like , *sigh* kill you .

Bridgett : *gasp* I think I haven’t seen the last of her . Are you sure your okay ? Can I leave you right now ?

Older Bridgett : I’m fine . Yes . You can go now . Bye , Younger B !

Bridgett : *running outside* BYE !

(Bridgett rides the monorail train . Then all of a sudden the monorail train stops and the lights went off)

Bridgett : HELLO ? ! ANYONE ? ! HELPPP ! ! *some poptropican punched her* *faints*

LP : That’s all we have . Sorry of I took SUPER LONG on making this episode . The story just slipped out of my head . Sorry . Well stay tune for Episode 4 !

The Lorax On Poptropica

The Lorax is on Poptropica. Here’s what the Poptropica Creators said:

Many things to do, many things to see! Inside this adventure is the place to be!

There’s an exciting new MEGA-SIZED adventure on Poptropica! Go to Game Show Island and you will find it on Main Street!

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Oh and news. Adventures of Blue Ice Episode 3 will be coming soon.