Ok, so it’s really gonna be hard to choose for who would be the next fashion wars judge….So I’ll be making a poll.

^Poll ends on Friday.

Good luck! And since I havent been active, I might make someone an admin 🙂



9 comments on “Ok . . READ THIS POST :P

  1. Ok. here is my speech:
    I started playing Poptropica when I was about 5. I showed my cousin. My cousin is very competitive. Sometimes we would do fashion contests.She would also challenge her friends even though I don’t know if she won 😛 It’s fun to challenge people (especially my cousin). Even when I was little I loved doing Pop fashion. I took it seriously and I still do. I think it is really fun.
    If I win judge I will be fair and make sure that everyone can shine. I will also do a 2nd place but for that I wont put a picture. If you ever need inspiration you can look at my character (bunicula5). Also I think we should put a link of our character so you can see us. here is mine:
    as you can see winning fashion wars would mean a lot to me.
    Thanks~~ CC

    Why should I be the next fashion wars judge?
    I think I should be the next judge cause Im really open-minded and Im a true fashionsta . Im really compettitive and I willl do ANYTHING to win yes ANYTHING.
    I like to set trends in Poptropica. I try my best to create orignal designs. I will be fair and give everyone a chance to win. I will not give my best friends special treatment like what some of you do. I think a true fashionista should be orignal and tough like me. I won fashion wars once and I will again 🙂 Im also a fashion designer I draw designs on theamazingfriends1.wordpress.com
    My user for poptropica is LadyKatniss.

  3. LP I’m so so so sorry for leaving this blog and poptropcia and WTCKHO. please forgive me I really don’t want to ruin our friendship,or what used to be. I will be more active now one,I promise 😦

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