Director D’s Favorite Island

Ok, this one is recent 😛

Another favorite island 😀 This time it’s Director’s D’s favorite island

Creators’ favorite Islands: Director D.’s picks

We’re sharing the Poptropica creators’ picks for their favorite Islands. Today: Director D.

It’s so much fun to see an island dedicated to some of the greatest urban legends of all time! The scariest part for me was the Jersey Devil.

I love sword fighting games! This adventure doesn’t disappoint. You get to battle an evil robot invasion, upgrade your swords, build up an inventory of energy crystals, and battle a huge robot before it reaches Poptropica! 

avatar image

Me and Director D. has the same favorite island ! ! I ❤ Cryptids Island ! I like this island because of all those cool creatures 😀 I just love those kinds of creatures like unicorns , big foot , loch ness , vampires , werewolfs , etc. I love that , like reading about creatures that may or may not be real 😀

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