Switched ~Chapter 3~



~Chapter 3~

I had to go to the salon, since we’re going to some premiere , Katy Perry’s premiere . Well, I love Katy Perry, but going to the salon takes forever . No joke >.< Have you’ve BEEN THERE?!

But I do want a manicure and pedicure, so eh. I have no problem(:  (In chapter 1/2 they went to the salon , but it was for hair. If you’re wondering. )

After the salon, we had to go to the premiere in 4 hours. Which is a little while, for a pop star that is. :D

Here’s what I looked like:

(If it no work Google something xD):

http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ-Tcho5hvp4OmBkGcznaHFgBj0f9WIwc1LQEk__xO89rIZgTKt       (I tried to make pic show guess not LOL)

**Pretend the BG says ‘Katy Perry Part Of Me’ **

:D (Yes we all know that’s Demi Lovato, I’m just using her pic. :) )

Ally: Oh my gosh! You look beautiful (:

Me: Same to you(: **Google a pic for Ally**

We got into a limo, and drove to the premiere.

I smiled to everyone, signed autographs, and did more stuff, like take pictures. (etc.)

At the premiere we were taking pictures forever and ever. -.- I got tired.

Ally: *Whispering to me* How many more pictures?!

Me: I dun know! *whispers* My smile hurts.

Ally and I giggled, then kept taking pics.

Finally the picture taking ended! We were able to watch the movie first.

Best movie EVER. Since Katy Perry is my idol. Except for the crazy stuff :mrgreen: :cool:



SORRY IT WAS SOO SHORT I DONT FEEL CREATIVE BUT I WANTED TO POST THE STORY :D :cool::oops: SORRY I DIDN’T UPLOAD.. Why am I doing caps? :oops: Hehe. Anyways, thanks for reading.


By Karla

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