Hehe 😛 I was listening to the song, then I remembered I forgot to put post from the creators blog……So Independence Day is coming soon (like we won’t forget that :P) And the Poptropica Creators decided to remind us to buy fireworks in Poptropica for Independence Day.

Sis boom bah!


Independence Day is next week, and you know what that means: fireworks! If you’re itching to get started on the skyrockets a little early, check out the Fireworks in the Poptropica Store. You can plant these festive rockets anywhere on Poptropica, and watch them explode across the sky!

avatar image


Okay, so I’m thinking of buying the fireworks (Do’t ask me why I never bought it yet..It’s because I’m saving credits ever since the Poptropica Creators lowered the credits -.-). Okay, so back to the fireworks thingy….So I’m thinking of buying the fireworks and making a Poptropica Music Video (or PMV) of Fireworks by Katy Perry….I’m still thinking…Cos seriously I’m saving credits like massively…..I haven’t bought an item from the store since last month……..I’m still thinking…..Anyways to end this post, let me just say I hope all of you guys will have a fun Independence Day and also have a great summer everyone! ! And having a great summer means……HAVE FUN AND ALWAYS KEEP UPDATED WITH YOUR POPTROPICA FRIENDS ONLINE 😛


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