Auditions for my story

at first there where king/queen for all the clans (fire, water, earth, air, and ice). now there is only  king for airclan, king of fireclan, and king of iceclan. Roles:

Moi: Fireclan Queen

Brave Penguin: Earthclan Queen

Happy Rider: Waterclan Queen

My cousin: Iceclan Queen

Little Penguin: Airclan Queen

Herman: Earthclan King

Brave Penguin’s brother: Waterclan King

to be a king/queen/regular person, put this:



fake birthday:



also if you are lucky enough to comment in time to be a king/queen put which tribe and if you are king or queen at the top of comment


21 comments on “Auditions for my story

  1. name: My Poptropica Name? Or a name for me in the story? Ok, lemme answer both 😛 My poptropica name is Little Penguin (LP for short) and for a name in the story..Make it Aria (idk, last name :P)

    personality: Kind-hearted, can be mean at times, helpful, and a person who give other people advices

    fake birthday: Uh…..February 20….idk year, you can choose the year for me…

    appearance: what does this mean ? does this mean like how she looks ?

    clan: I wanted Waterclan, but it’s taken…so I’ll take Airclan…..

  2. name: Bronze Starfish

    personality: Nice, shy, awesome epic 😎 Hehe. Um you get it, normal? xD

    fake birthday: June 3rd (Idk year)

    appearance: Pretty. Lol . Brown hair, brown eyes. 🙂

    clan: Idk choose for me, please? If there are any other roles.

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