The Poptropica Tales of Brave Wolf, Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

I look like a weird cartoon thing online! I took the book and flipped over to pages and I saw a picture. A picture of a girl that looks like me! I closed the book and saw the bright blue word….POPTROPICA! I went on my laptop and searched up “Poptropica.” It says a person who’s in the Poptropica world is called a “poptropican.” I took my bag and put inside my laptop and the book. I ran downstairs…Hmm…My parents weren’t here. I said to myself, “Since this girl said she was in Arturus Times, I have to find a way to get there and find her!”

I went outside my house, ran to the “Main Street.” Some random poptropican came to me and said, “You must be new here! Here’s a map so you won’t get lost.”

She handed me a map and I asked, “Why do I need a map?”

She answered, “See that blimp over there.” She pointed at this huge blimp that says “Poptropica.”

I said, “Woah! That’s huge! What do we do with it?”

She answered, “That blimp helps you to fly to other islands. You see, Poptropica is a world made up of many islands. Sometimes a new island pops up out of nowhere! Right now there are 27 islands. That map I gave you helps you know which island you are going to. Learn that map so you can learn the other islands. Right now you are in Early Poptropica. The very first Poptropica island that was made.”

Still kinda confuse, I asked, “So there’s a new island that pops up out of nowhere? So how would the map know the new island?”

She answered, “That map is magical….Once an island is made, it will already be on the map. Also when you pass by some islands, be sure to pick up newspaper so you can know what’s happening around Poptropica.”

Finally I understand Poptropica. I said, “Thank you!”

The poptropican lady said, “Anytime.” I turned around and saw a place called, “Soda Pop Shop.” I ran inside the shop and sat down on a chair. Hmmm…it was also a hang out place. I took out my laptop (for some reasons my laptop can only search about Poptropica things) and started searching about Arturus Times. It turns out that Arturus Times is just the long past times of Poptropica. An island named, “Astro-Knights” is where Arturus Times is. I look at my map and saw Astro-Knights Island. I thought ‘It would take 3-4 days to get there, I better start packing.’ I packed up my things and went to my house.

I packed up enough food and water for my trip…After I was done packing, I ran to my blimp and it started flying to Astro-Knights. It turns out it only takes hours to get to the island so it was a waste of me packing -_- As I came down my blimp, I saw a girl with pink highlights near the Planetariom. I opened the book and looked at the picture of the girl, it was the same girl!! I ran to her and asked, “Hi, are you the owner of this book?”

She looked at the book and said, “Hmmm….so you’ve been reading this book. You must have stolen this book from a girl named Mary Johnson…”

I looked confused, and then I figured she was talking about Mrs. Johnson. I said, “No, no! She gave it to me. She said I would have fun when I read this book and she also said how many people would want this book that’s why I have to keep it safe.”

The girl said, “Oh well…You must be telling the truth. But she is right, you must keep it safe. You don’t need to keep it safe here; you must keep it safe in your world. Okay, I guess you don’t know my name. Well, my name is Brave “Bridgett” Wolf. Somehow I popped up in this island. They said I must save the princess, but I need help. Would you help me? See, once you read that part where I was here, you cannot read any further because you have to help me first and once you help me with this quest, you can go back to your world.”

I said, “I’m in….But one question….You look like you’re from the modern world shouldn’t you be like how this people looks like?”

Bridgett laughed and said, “This is Poptropica! Nothing ever changes, well except when you go to some island. By the way, you can call me Bridgett, what’s your name?”

I said, “My name is Lily Hunter. So where’s the princess? Do we have to fly in our blimps?”

Bridgett answered, “No, it’s in some other planet in Poptropica, we only have this flying saucer which can only travel a little. They said that we have to stop by the moon to get a rocket ship.”

I said, “Okay. Now let’s go.”

We ran to the flying saucer, I had no idea what to do or whatsoever; Bridgett was the one took control of everything.

Then we were in outer space, we had no idea where that moon is, we just started flying someplace. Then after maybe 30 minutes, the flying saucer ran out of, let’s just say “gas” and we had no idea where we are and down we fell. We were screaming!!

Then, we crashed on some planet or something…..

I hope you guys like it 😀


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