Poptropica Music Video

So, I was online on youtube and I found this really amazing Poptropica Music Video! You gotta watch it, so here’s the poptropica music video:

Here’s the storyline:

Two is better than one. That is what this couple has come to realize. In the beggining of the music video, the boy and the girl goes on a blind date. The guy thinks that it would be boring but then she grabs his attention and they go on several more fun dates. They talk, laugh, and sing together. But as time goes by, they both have music careers and want to follow their dreams in becoming music artists. They soon realize that they really need each other. At the end of the music video, the girl is just about to leave the city to travel far in order to follow her dreams. Before she does, she calls the boy and tells him that she’s leaving at 2 pm. The boy goes crazy and runs to the airport to catch her and tell her that he loves her so much. The girl is shocked and starts crying and tells him that she feels the same way. They laugh at the end in love. Two is better than one! 🙂

It’s sooo amazing, I can’t stop watching it over and over again 😀


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