The Poptropica Tales of Brave Wolf, Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

As I was looking for an interesting book to read, I saw this very old and dusty book. I thought Mrs. Johnson forgot to put the book inside those boxes in the storage room. I ran inside the storage room and said, “Mrs. Johnson! I think you forgot this book.”  I handed the book to her.

Mrs. Johnson looked at the book for second and then looked at me and said, “Why, this book is very old, yet very fascinating to read. Hmm… Lily, you should keep it. I had fun reading this book when I was your age and I hope you would, too. Look inside. There are no torn pages or anything, just old and dusty.” She cleaned the book and handed it to me.

I took the book and said, “Are you sure I could keep it? You might want it back so you can give it to your grandchildren.”

She answered, “No, no. I trust you to keep it. You’ll never know what might happen when you read that book. That book is priceless; everyone would want to have it. Please keep it safe for me.”

I looked at the book and said, “Okay, this book does look interesting. I promise to keep it safe. What does this book have that everyone would want?”

Mrs. Johnson answered, “I think once you read that book, you’ll know. It’s much better like that; you get to know every single detail.”

I was confused, but I said, “Okay, I better get going. Thanks for the book Mrs. Johnson! Bye.” I ran outside the library and walked all the way home.


I ran to my room and sat on my bed. I look at the book and saw the title. The title is, “The Poptropica Tales of Brave Wolf.”

I opened the book and started reading the first paragraph aloud. “You know how people would always say, ‘You’ll never know what would happen.’ A really crazy thing happened today. I was just reading this amazing book, and then I fell asleep. When I woke up, I WASN’T IN MY ROOM ANYMORE! I was in Arturus Times! It was a good thing my blimp was with me. I noticed everyone looks so sad.”

I stopped reading the book and said to myself, “Hmm… what’s Arturus Times? Why does she/he said something about a blimp? And who is this person!” As I said this, everything started shaking!

Then it stopped….

My room changed! I went to the mirror, and then I screamed.

Chapter 2 coming soon 😀

Well, if you guys don’t understand. The one who’s talking is not a person from the Poptropica world.


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