Icy Diamond: Super Spy {{CHAPTER 1}}

Icy Diamond is a Poptropican. She lives on Spy Island. Usually, Poptropicans grow up on Early Poptropica. But, there’s a reason Icy lives on Spy Island.

It’s extremely obvious.

She’s a spy.


Icy Leah Diamond woke up on a Tuesday morning. She yawned and extended her arms into the air. She threw back her blankets, and climbed out of bed.

A chickadee bird flew to her window and began calling. Chickadee-dee-dee-dee. Chickadee-dee-dee-dee.

“Hello, Sunny!” Icy said, walking to the window to greet the bird. The bird called louder, cocking its head and ruffling its feathers. It seemed to know that Icy was approaching.

“Yeah,” Icy sighed. “I have to go soon. Dr. Red is expecting me.”

Dr. Red was Icy’s trainer and boss. she was the head spy in their spy operation-Spies Of All Poptropica, or S.O.A.P.

Icy walked over to her shiny black and white dresser, got dressed in her spy clothes, and walked to S.O.A.P Headquarters.

She pressed her hands against the door, and the door glowed faintly blue,then went back to transparent.

She pushed the door open. Good, she thought, they fixed the scanner.

Icy walked inside HQ. Every time she did, it amazed her, even though she knew the place like the back of her hand. She just loved being a spy, and loved HQ. It was like her second home.

“Icy Leah Diamond?” the secretary asked, lowering her glasses. Icy nodded, and showed the secretary her imprint. All agents of S.O.A.P had a mark on their left wrist. It was a miniscule P. So miniscule, almost nobody could see it. Well, nobody but the S.O.A.P agents.

“Good,” the secretary said. “Dr. Red is seeing you today, is she not?”

Icy nodded, and the secretary typed something in on her computer.

“Good. I will inform Dr. Red that you are here.”

She typed something else, and Dr. Red came bursting through the labratory doors.

“So sorry,” she said, rubbing her burnt hands together. “There was a mishap with the lazer gun.”

“It’s okay, Dr. Red,” Icy Diamond said. “I could wait. You didn’t have to come right away.”

“Oh, but I did,” Dr. Red said quickly. “You-you need training, Icy.”

“Training? For what?”

“The Professor.”

“The-The Professor? Who’s that?”

“A S.O.A.P agent gone rouge. Now, he’s out to get rid of everyone in S.O.A.P. And he’s almost accomplished it. He’s rising, Icy. And you have to stop him!”

“M-me? Why me?”

“You’re one of our best agents!”

Icy blushed fiercely before saying, “Thanks. If you’re going to train me, we should start, shouldn’t we?”

Dr. Red nodded, and took Icy’s wrist. She pulled Icy down a corridor, and into the training room door.

“Let’s begin,” Dr. Red grinned, rubbing her hands together.

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