Costume “Beautiful Biker”

(Sorry, I don’t have any picture, but you’ll see what it looks like when you do it)

1. Go to and you should click on Lemonade Mouth. Then, copy I think its Moe’s dress.. (Yes it is..)

2.Go to again, but this time click on The Electric Company. Copy Francine’s belt.

3. Buy Vampire 1, and get hair.

4. Buy Vampire 3 and copy bangs.

5. Buy Pop Star, and get her bangs, also (Yes, both bangs work).

6.Buy biker, and get lips and jacket.

Costs: 300 credits

🙂 It’s called : “Beautiful Biker” (:

Hey! LP here! Well, if you guys are wandering how the costume looks like, here’s how it looks like:

By Karla

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