Switched *Chapter 1*


(This is in Megan’s point of view, so..)

“Mom! I’ll be back, I’m going to the store to buy candy!” I yelled while walking out the door.

“Okay, honey.”  Mom said, while giggling. She knows I still act like a child even though I’m 14.

I had 20 dollars on me, which was enough for one bag of candy, and a water. I would have 17 dollars left, anyways.

I walked into the candy store. ** Changing into script way **

Candy Lady: Hello, Megan! *Smiles* What would you like today?

Megan: Um, Twizzlers and a bottle of water, please.

Candy Lady: Sure thing, Meg.

I paid , and on my way out I bumped into someone, and fell onto the black concrete.. It was sunny that day, so the concrete was hot.

Girl: Oh I’m so sorry!

I knew her! That’s Alyssa Walker! THE famous Alyssa Walker!

Alyssa: Um, are you okay?

Megan: You’re Alyssa!

Alyssa: Yes, but we look so much alike!

Hm, I guess I just noticed. Well, right now is a nice time to tell you about myself. My name is Megan Palmer, I am 14 years old.. And I look like Alyssa Walker, I guess.. So. My favorite color is pink. I’m not that girly, though.. Well yeah.

I smiled.

Alyssa: Paparazzi always following me! So annoying, I wish I was a normal girl. My mom made me become this famous “singer”… At the age of 12 .

Megan: Wow. Well since we look-alike, and my life isn’t my favorite… Wanna switch lives?

Alyssa: Yeah! I was about to say that. Lets go exchange clothes.

Megan: Ok. Where’s the restroom?

Candy Lady: Over there.

We went to the bathroom, and exchanged clothes, by throwing them over the stall. We both had black hair, our features were the same, so hopefully no one notices our plan.

Alyssa: Okay, so.. My name is Megan Palmer right?

Megan: Yes, and I’m THE Alyssa Walker!

Alyssa: We’ll switch for 3 months.

Megan: Okay, but um.. It seems long. I’ll miss my family.

Alyssa: Yeah, just be good with my fame okay? Or my mom, I mean your mom will kill you.

Megan: Okay, bye.. Megan? -Giggles-

I remembered I was supposed to be outside.

Man: Miss Walker, ready to go to the salon?

Alyssa ( Megan [[ Now, it’s going to be Alyssa who is Megan, so.. Hopefully you don’t get confused!]] ): Yes, um.. I bumped into that girl pretty hard, what’s your name again?

Man: Mr. Liam, and  I hope you are okay. Well, your friend Ally is inside the limo, with your mother.

Alyssa: Yes, I’m fine.

I got into the limo, it looked like this: 

Inside it looked like: 

Wow, best life ever so far! I got inside the limo. I was shocked 😮 but tried not to make a scene about it.

Ally: Hey bestie(: Are you okay? I saw that clumsy girl knock you over.

Alyssa(Megan, just a reminder): Yeah, I’m okay.. *Looks down* We shouldn’t call anyone clumsy.. I was clumsy, too..

Ally: Don’t blame it on yourself, Alice. (Alice is a nickname)

Alyssa: Okay, Ally.

Ally is “my” BFF, and she’s also famous, her name is Ally Grace.

We went to the salon, for manicure, and pedicure. I got home, and my purple zebra striped iPhone buzzed.

I opened the text, from “111-000-1234” Thats my phone number!

“Hey, Megan. I mean, Alyssa. How’s your life?” I saved the contact to “Megan(:”

I texted back “Great, Megan 🙂 We just went to the salon.”

She texted ” Darn! I wanted to go to the salon. ”

I told her “Well, call me later, okay.. Megan.”

We said our byes, and stopped texting. How am I going to deal with new life?

~Megan, I mean.. Alyssa


Liked it? 🙂 I will continue this story later, or tomorrow. 😀


P.S. : Sorry the pictures didn’t work, I thought they did, oh well. And me and SR are going to post the pictures of what they look like in Poptropica. 🙂 Well, just Google “Limo” and see the pictures they have.

By Karla

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