My story : Haunted

We had all been the best of friends. We had been together with each other for a long time also. Hi I’m June. If your wondering who I’m talking about its my 3 best friends James, Roxana, and Adam. At first we hadn’t really liked each other  since we had been paired up on a project, but it ended up that all of us hang out all the time now. We haven’t done much during the summer. It had also been a bit lonely because Roxana goes to visit her relatives over the summer. But It’s finally October and Halloween is nearing by the days. We have been wanting to go walking around on Halloween day but James had thought of a better idea. With that twisted mind of his that I absolutely adore, he suggested to go visit somewhere more creepy. Knowing that we all weren’t scared of much we went through with the plan. As we kept on throwing out ideas I finally thought of the perfect place. An abandoned hospital. I had always thought of then being so interesting in a dark interesting way. Totally not mundane. So we had it all planed out. On the day of Halloween we went down to the abandoned hospital. It had been used as a set in the production of some horror movies I had heard about. The place had been spackled with mildew and dead leaves. Nonetheless it had been vandelized as well. Not knowing if we were inside or out because of bird chirping and mice scurrying up in the ceiling. We had made our way to the operating room. All of the equipment had still been there. James and Adam, the two ones who are not scared of anything, had been starting to get freaked out. Sadly Roxana couldn’t make it because of going trick-or-treating with her little sister. I had been getting scared myself. When Adam walked in front of a mirror he had thought it was something else. But then I had told him “Hey, it is true that you can scare yourself.” Not amused, he had defensively denied my statement. As we passed through hallways the patients rooms had been barren. Even there was the metal skeletons of the beds had started to get to me. Finally we made our way to the morgue. This is where we all really started to get freaked out. The thought of this is where they storied the lifeless bodies of patients had been an image that did not want to leave my mind. Then I found the record room. “Wow, this place is filled with EKG’s of hearts that stopped beating decades ago.”, I said aloud. “Your really poetic June.”, James had replied. I felt a little less scared knowing that James had still been there with us. We had then made our way to the boiler room. The place had been filled with tunnels and pipes. Honestly I thought it was pretty awesome. We then thought enough was enough. So we had headed our way out of the abandoned hospital. Our last stop on all of it was visiting the hospitals church. To think that the place had been filled with hundreds of patients was interesting. That day is one I will never forget.


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