Adventures of Blue Ice Episode 3: Time Tangled Nightmare

EPISODE 3: Time Tangled Nightmare

Date Made: 3/28/12

LP: Hey, poptropicans!

Audience #1: What took you so long to write another episode?

LP: I’m super busy .

Audience #1: Then why can’t you change your busy schedule?

LP: Alright. Do you want to see the episode or you’re just gonna keep asking me questions and stuffs?!

Audience #1: Sorry. I just miss the episodes.

LP: OKAY! Sorry. This thing is just making me stress. Now let’s watch the episode.

(Bridgett jumps down from her blimp and runs home)

Bridgett: HEY MOM!

Bridgett’s Mom: Hey Bridgett, how was school?

Bridgett: Mom I’m not 7 anymore. You don’t need to keep asking me that.

Bridgett’s Mom: Oh alright. Anyways there was a mail for you. From Time Tangled in the Future.

Bridgett: *grabs the mail* I wonder who would send me a mail from the future?

Bridgett’s Mom: Read it and maybe an adventure might come.

(Bridgett goes to her room and read the letter)

Dear young Bridgett,

           Visit me in the future. I need your help. Come alone.

-The Old Bridgett

Bridgett: *to herself* I wonder why older me wants me to come alone?

Next Day…

Bridgett: MOM! DAD! I’m gonna go to the Future. I’ll be here maybe at night.

Bridgett’s Dad: Just don’t come home before 8.

Bridgett: Awww COME ON! Please take the curfew away!

Bridgett’s Dad: Alright. As long as your safe.

(Bridgett jumps to her blimp and flies to Time Tangled Island)

(Bridgett goes inside Pendulum’s Lab)


Random Lady: Are you looking for Professor Pendulum?

Bridgett: Yes.

Random Lady: He’s not here. He’s on a vacation. Me and my other partner are taking care of his lab while he’s away.

Bridgett: Okay. Is it okay for me to visit the future?

Random Lady: Sure. Follow me.

(Bridgett follows the lady)

Random Lady: Here you go just step inside.

(Bridgett steps inside the future machine)

(In the future)

Bridgett: *to herself* It’s been a long time since I went here.

(Bridgett goes to her sky home)

Bridgett: *shouting* OLD BRIDGETT!

(Bridgett goes all the way to the left)

?: Bridgett. I’ve been expecting you.

Bridgett: Who are you?!

(The lights went off)

Bridgett: *shouts* WHERE ARE YOU?!

(The lights came back on)

(Bridgett sees this girl)

The girl's hair looks like LP (but that is not LP)

Bridgett: Who are you ? ! What do you want ?

Girl : I don’t need anything . I just need some answers and you older won’t give me those answers !

Bridgett : SHE’S OLD ! She doesn’t remember much about my life . So leave her alone !

Girl : As you wish , but I’m not leaving you alone .

Bridgett : WHO ARE YOU ? !

Girl : The time will come when you’ll find out . *Disappears*

(Bridgett sees older Bridgett in the couch)

Bridgett : Older B ! Are you okay ? !

Older Bridgett : I’m fine . She was asking me about you or me when you are in your age . She was asking me where will you or I will go next . Like which island you’ll go to and stuffs . She sounded like she’s going to like . .

Bridgett : Like what ?

Older Bridgett : Like , *sigh* kill you .

Bridgett : *gasp* I think I haven’t seen the last of her . Are you sure your okay ? Can I leave you right now ?

Older Bridgett : I’m fine . Yes . You can go now . Bye , Younger B !

Bridgett : *running outside* BYE !

(Bridgett rides the monorail train . Then all of a sudden the monorail train stops and the lights went off)

Bridgett : HELLO ? ! ANYONE ? ! HELPPP ! ! *some poptropican punched her* *faints*

LP : That’s all we have . Sorry of I took SUPER LONG on making this episode . The story just slipped out of my head . Sorry . Well stay tune for Episode 4 !


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