Get ready for Super Bowl and Get in Gear

I can’t wait for Super Bowl . In the Poptropica Creators’ Blog , this is what it said :

In honor of the big game this weekend, we’ve moved one of our classic costumes to the front of the Poptropica Store.

No matter who wins on Sunday, your outfit will be championship caliber when you don these duds!

The American Football Player costume can be costumized in your choice of four colors.Why would you want a blue helmet, though? Silver is MUCH better!

Black Widow

Another post by the Poptropica Creators :

We’ve already told you about the Members-only gear pack in the Poptropica Store that’s jam-packed with cool S.O.S. Island stuff, like the sonar power:

Because you can take your gear to any Island on Poptropica, you won’t find these items in your S.O.S. Island inventory. Instead, use the drop down menu to access your “store items.” Your S.O.S. gear will be there, at the end of the line.

Happy fishing!

Captain Crawfish

Great things H


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